AAD528 WEEK 8 part 2

This is the second part of my blog this week as this one focuses on the Identity I’ve been working on for this part of the course. So far I have created 3 concepts and I will explain my thinking behind each one. I started off with rough sketches on paper to get an idea of what direction I wanted to go with it.

Original sketches.

For these images I chose “Myriad pro” as my font as its clear but this is still being decided.

The first image design is a depiction of Flight paths from Nelson. The coloured ones are direct flights (Auckland, Paraparaumu, Wellington, Christchurch.) The grey ones are places that are indirect flights. Each line ends in the geographical location of each town/city. The thing I dont like about this design is the identity can be hard to recognise or implement. However with a few tweeks making it simpler will make it a more viable option.

The second design is a representation of the airport design. Very iconic and simple enough to make an identity out of. I like this design because it ties both the terminal and identity as one. The design began by creating geometric shapes and copying them to create a more uniformed logo design. Kind of like a grid based layout.

The third option was based off a compass representing that you can go anywhere from here. I like the simplicity of this design as it will be easy to replicate on any product. The downside is it is very widely used and not very unique. I need to play with this design to create a new and catching image.

I based the colour scheme of the original logo as I like the combination very warm colours. The orange hues give it a sunny feel, and a big attraction of Nelson is ofcourse the heat and sun.