AAD528 week 11

For this week I did some sketches on my chosen product redesign. The product I chose was Omega Plus. The reason I chose this product is because I like animals and thought it would create some fun designs.

The original logo is very clean and modern looking. I think it looks great as is but thought it would be fun to see what ideas can be generated from such a simple design. I wanted to play with the salmon aspect and possibly implement the omega sign and see what could be generated.

I started sketching ideas to see what was going to work and what wasn’t. Although my drawings haven’t played with font this is something I hope to do once I open illustrator. When It comes to package design I’d Like to incorporate my own pets into the design to create a personal touch.

My initial sketches.

These are what I came up with after playing around with ideas. I can imagine a salmon as a “mascot” or identity for poster and video adverts. From a commercial aspect, soft toys, pet toys etc. A lot of inspiration came from my Pinterest mood board.

This is where I started the process and it helped me develop an understand on how pet food is marketed.