AAD528 Brand Story

Omega plus is committed to giving your pets the best nourishment by providing tasty, irresistible king salmon sourced from the local Marlborough region. King salmon is high in Omega 3, protein, vital vitamins and healthy fats giving your pet a healthy and natural lifestyle.

Animals are our passion and providing them with a nutritious diet was our main focus over 20 years ago and still to this day continues to be the number 1 priority. As time has progressed so has our salmon farms, our sustainability and methods of producing the finest foods for your ever so loving pets is at the best it has ever been.

Sustainability is important to us so the puppies and kittens of the future can enjoy the delicious treats of King salmon as they’re generations before them did. Creating more eco-friendly ways to farm and package helps the local wildlife thrive, creating an eco-system that New Zealand deserves.

We tried to teach our cats and dogs to fish but that wasn’t working out, so leave us to do the hard work and let your pets enjoy the reward. They have earned it.