AAD 528 Final Week

After 15 weeks (learning) this has been a great learning curve for myself. Not only have my Adobe skills increased but hopefully my designs have aswell, looking more professional as my knowledge develops. I started out this course with little design experience and feel alot more confident in my abilities as time has progressed.

The week I found challenging was week 10 – semiotics. Although I understood the concept applying it practically seemed like a challenge. After studying this topic online and through Pinterest I have gained a better understanding of how this works in the product identity world.

My Favourite week was week 7 – Concepts and idea generation. I picked up some great tips this week and this helped develop my skills and understanding of the importance of ideas. From sketching to word clouds this was helpful to create identities on my projects and I will be using these techniques in future projects to hopefully create some great material!

Many thanks to my tutor and peers throughout the course, they helped me get through some tough weeks with their advice and criticisms.