AAD 528 Final Week

After 15 weeks (learning) this has been a great learning curve for myself. Not only have my Adobe skills increased but hopefully my designs have aswell, looking more professional as my knowledge develops. I started out this course with little design experience and feel alot more confident in my abilities as time has progressed.

The week I found challenging was week 10 – semiotics. Although I understood the concept applying it practically seemed like a challenge. After studying this topic online and through Pinterest I have gained a better understanding of how this works in the product identity world.

My Favourite week was week 7 – Concepts and idea generation. I picked up some great tips this week and this helped develop my skills and understanding of the importance of ideas. From sketching to word clouds this was helpful to create identities on my projects and I will be using these techniques in future projects to hopefully create some great material!

Many thanks to my tutor and peers throughout the course, they helped me get through some tough weeks with their advice and criticisms.

AAD528 week 13

I have been working on my re-brand of Omega Plus. Attached are the first ideas for the logo and identity, as well as a direction I want to take with my package design. I plan on doing both cat and dog designs in my final draft.

After contemplating colour scheme I chose to stick to the original design as this works well with the asthetic I was going for. However I will try an alternative at a later date to see if any other colours will look as good.

New identity for Omega plus based on one of my original sketches.
My package redesign. Went for a simplistic yet informative layout.

AAD528 Copywriting

For my chosen product, Omega Plus I have chosen to go with an informative, playful combination. The reason for this is because when purchasing pet food its nice to know the benefits my pets will receive from eating this product. The current identity and packaging is very sleek and modern. I tried to replicate this in my rebranding.

As you can see there is alot of information in a small space with a clear identity at the top. Having information like ‘100% New Zealand’ makes it feel local, a great selling point. Bold contrasting lettering make it easy to understand exactly what the product is about. Using words such as ‘essential, high protein, no preservatives’ make it sound healthy and nutritious.

Having these points is important in successfully selling this product because if your buying premium food for your pet you need to make sure it is worth the extra cost.

AAD528 Brand Story

Omega plus is committed to giving your pets the best nourishment by providing tasty, irresistible king salmon sourced from the local Marlborough region. King salmon is high in Omega 3, protein, vital vitamins and healthy fats giving your pet a healthy and natural lifestyle.

Animals are our passion and providing them with a nutritious diet was our main focus over 20 years ago and still to this day continues to be the number 1 priority. As time has progressed so has our salmon farms, our sustainability and methods of producing the finest foods for your ever so loving pets is at the best it has ever been.

Sustainability is important to us so the puppies and kittens of the future can enjoy the delicious treats of King salmon as they’re generations before them did. Creating more eco-friendly ways to farm and package helps the local wildlife thrive, creating an eco-system that New Zealand deserves.

We tried to teach our cats and dogs to fish but that wasn’t working out, so leave us to do the hard work and let your pets enjoy the reward. They have earned it.

AAD528 week 11

For this week I did some sketches on my chosen product redesign. The product I chose was Omega Plus. The reason I chose this product is because I like animals and thought it would create some fun designs.

The original logo is very clean and modern looking. I think it looks great as is but thought it would be fun to see what ideas can be generated from such a simple design. I wanted to play with the salmon aspect and possibly implement the omega sign and see what could be generated.

I started sketching ideas to see what was going to work and what wasn’t. Although my drawings haven’t played with font this is something I hope to do once I open illustrator. When It comes to package design I’d Like to incorporate my own pets into the design to create a personal touch.

My initial sketches.

These are what I came up with after playing around with ideas. I can imagine a salmon as a “mascot” or identity for poster and video adverts. From a commercial aspect, soft toys, pet toys etc. A lot of inspiration came from my Pinterest mood board.

This is where I started the process and it helped me develop an understand on how pet food is marketed.

AAD528 WEEK 8 part 2

This is the second part of my blog this week as this one focuses on the Identity I’ve been working on for this part of the course. So far I have created 3 concepts and I will explain my thinking behind each one. I started off with rough sketches on paper to get an idea of what direction I wanted to go with it.

Original sketches.

For these images I chose “Myriad pro” as my font as its clear but this is still being decided.

The first image design is a depiction of Flight paths from Nelson. The coloured ones are direct flights (Auckland, Paraparaumu, Wellington, Christchurch.) The grey ones are places that are indirect flights. Each line ends in the geographical location of each town/city. The thing I dont like about this design is the identity can be hard to recognise or implement. However with a few tweeks making it simpler will make it a more viable option.

The second design is a representation of the airport design. Very iconic and simple enough to make an identity out of. I like this design because it ties both the terminal and identity as one. The design began by creating geometric shapes and copying them to create a more uniformed logo design. Kind of like a grid based layout.

The third option was based off a compass representing that you can go anywhere from here. I like the simplicity of this design as it will be easy to replicate on any product. The downside is it is very widely used and not very unique. I need to play with this design to create a new and catching image.

I based the colour scheme of the original logo as I like the combination very warm colours. The orange hues give it a sunny feel, and a big attraction of Nelson is ofcourse the heat and sun.

AAD528 WEEK 8 part 1

This week was about focusing on how to turn raster images into vectors. This was a very helpful lesson for me this week as I learnt a lot about what each type of image is used for. Using the Live trace function can help inspire new ideas that my have not been thought of previously.

One of this weeks activities was to change an image using live trace into 4 different images. It was interesting to see what visuals can be achieved using this function. Below is the original image I chose as I like the contrast of the black against the red. The shadows probably made it harder, however the filters I chose overcame this issue.

This was the first filter I used. It was 3 colour. I like the comic book style of this image. Interestingly it picked up the blue which I liked as it creates a contrast to the black nicely.

The second image was 6 colour. I mainly chose this filter to see what results Adobe would yield. This image caught my eye with the bold colours. I think this and the 3 colour create an image using the gesalt composition.

For the third image I chose shades of grey. This fits well with the theme of the train as the grey scale represents times of old.

The fourth and final image was black and white. (default). It was interesting to see what contrast could be picked up by the filter and what details are left out. The detail here was better than I expected although not really a useable image its still cool to see how the filter works.

AAD528 week 7

This week was about how to generate ideas for identities. I started off this week by watching a video on how to brainstorm ideas. (supplied by the tutor). I found this very helpful and got a few new ways of coming up with ideas which I otherwise would not of thought of.

The Activity this week was to pair random words to see if it sparked inspiration. We used an online app to generate the ideas and I found this to be helpful to an extent. Alot of the words generated were irrelevant or a bad combination.

What I did instead was to pick the words which I liked then pair them afterwards to create ideas from. In the end I paired 18 words to make 9 pairs. I could’ve made several more combinations but didn’t deem it necessary. (apologies for bad picture quality.)

The next step I took in helping create a mental picture of what I wanted to achieve was to make a word cloud of Nelson. This was good because I got a good understanding of what Nelson is all about.

I studied airport logos to understand how places present themselves through the airport. I found alot of airports used abstract design which I wanted to replicate.


I started this week by researching various companies and getting an idea of what corporate identity actually is.

This website helped me understand what visual identity is and how it impacts a company’s business, from clientele to modernisation.

After doing my research I decided I would re-design the visual identity for Nelson airport. Although this company has a visual identity I feel it isn’t good enough to stick in peoples minds.

This link tells the story of the “new” airport, how it was designed, why it was designed this way and what inspiration they drew from. I feel this could tie in better with the current visual identity and I believe that Architecture plays a big role in how a company perceives itself. My redesign will have the same focuses as the airport terminal. Local forestry and increased visitor numbers as an example.

AAD528 week 4

This task was about understanding the elements and principles of design. For my redesign of the Garden Window Cafe, I took this into account and will explain my process so far. I implanted the design into the menu and had a play around to match it to my logo to create a new visual identity.

Logo design v7. after several attempts this is the one i am most happy with.

Emphasis – To me the emphasis of the logo is the rose cup, being a contrasting colour makes it stand out.

Rhythm and Repetition – Using the same green in the logo and typography creates a uniformed image. Also matching the font with the sketchy style ties it in together.

Balance – I think this needs a little improvement as to me the balance is slightly off.

My next step was to see how the logo worked with the menu design. Below I will upload the original and redesign and compare them both.

original menu (I am aware it says greenmeadows cafe)
Redesign Menu

The reason why I chose to redesign the menu was personally I found it difficult to read, so to overcome this I chose a lighter green to emphasise the text better. Giving it a brighter colour made it look more fun to me and with the fade going down the page creates depth. I changed the logo to match the colour of the text to blend it in better giving it better rhythm. The red berries are the same colour as the rose cup again to blend the logo with the menu. The logo stands out at the top making it the first thing you see and having an impact. This could be because of the negative apace around it.