AAD529 week 4

This week we had to look at Typography and how it plays a role in Promotional artwork. Like most tasks thus far I started searching Typography on Pinterest and understanding what type of fonts are used for what. Learning the history of typography was interesting and understanding how fonts can make something seem outdated or modern.

The biggest lesson I took away from this week was understanding “sans” and “serif”, what works on print and what works online. I will use this in my promotional poster going forward as I have better knowledge of what works together.

I took alot away from researching on Pinterest as what fonts are used where and how they are displayed on the page.


Looking at both old and new promotional material was interesting to see how typography has developed over the decades. I noticed that modern style fonts tend to be straighter and “easier” to read. I use the term easier loosely as the older fonts are still very legible. Older fonts tend to have bigger serifs with more detail in each letter, these can still work in todays market dependent on what is being advertised.

The font I chose for my promotional poster was “poor Richard”, This is an Adobe font. The reason I chose this font is because it is similar to the “pictures” part in the Disney logo creating a link between the logo and the poster. I chose black and white to create contrast. The typography at the top matches the “Lion King” text. I was toying with the idea of a contrast font but as of yet I couldn’t find a good contrast.