This was the first week in the 2nd project of the course. This project will involve creating a poster to promote a region of New Zealand. The first part of the project involved researching travel posters to get an idea of how they are presented to appeal to holiday makers. I started out my research on Pinterest, where I created a board of tourism posters.


The posters I looked at were places of interest to myself to get an idea of how a country or region was presented.


I like this design because of the bold colours and simple shapes. The way the colours change in hue as they get “further” away create a sense of depth. The railcar is a very iconic part of Wellington and is instantly recognisable to anyone who knows the region. The simple shapes create an effective image whilst the red of the car creates contrast.


I like this poster because the colour contrast is very bright and cheerful. The use of shading makes the church look round from a flat image creating depth. The sky makes the image very warm and inviting and the little sailboat in the corner create a holiday feel for the poster.


I really like the paint style of the poster, it gives it a very classical look which suits the location perfectly. Making the image look very calm and serene. Being a big fan of trains and railways, im taking inspiration from the railway style poster and I will reflect something similar into my travel poster if possible. Although New Zealand isn’t as big on rail as the UK, there are still plenty of places with railway history or even the wellington cablecar.