This week was about focusing on photoshop and how to use different filters to create an image with various outcomes. The image I chose to play around with was one of Founders Park. I chose this image because I am looking at maybe using it in my final poster design.


This is the “before” image and after changing it from 72dpi to 200dpi I noticed the size of the imaged decreased as follows: 72dpi – 33.87cm x 25.4cm. to 200dpi – 12.19cm x 9.14cm.

This is the “after” image. What I changed was the Brightness/Contrast to start off with to give the image a more vibrant look. I then made the greens more prominent to enhance the image and make it look more appealing. These were subtle changes and I was playing around with more drastic changes (light levels) I didn’t like the outcome of the images so defaulted back to how it was.

This week I also sketched a very rough idea of poster designs and will be taking inspiration from them in the next few weeks to come up with something more professional.