AAD529 week 9

This week I worked on my poster and flyer for Nelson. This weeks activity was about semiotics and learning how images have meanings and how to interpret them. I found this helpful as it made me understand imagery and composition better.

This is my draft design for my poster. I based the design on the old GWR style posters as my hobby revolves around railways and model trains. Although the image does not show it, The poster has a white border surrounding the main picture and bottom text. Below are some poster designs I drew inspiration from. I changed the design slightly to modernise it. The font and variations I chose for both my poster and flyer are “hobeaux”.

My A5 flyer design was not based off anything in particular but after researching travel flyers I noticed that a common theme was bold colours and clear borders around images. Again the font choice was Hobeaux. I think its an informal, modern font which works well with travel flyers and posters. I matched the text colour to the sand to create a uniformed image.