AAD529 Poster Analysis

The First of the two non-profit organisers I chose to analyse was “The Mental Health Foundation”. I chose this poster because of the bold colours and simplicity of the layout. The second one I chose to analyse was “brain tumour support”. I chose this poster as a contrast to the other poster design.

The first poster stands out with the bright colour pallette used. The purple is the colour of choice for mental health and is used as the stand out background for the design. The contrast of the speech bubble plays a big role in the easy to look at feel of the poster. Its simplistic design appeals to all ages and is very easy to read. The rainbow colours on the body text are designed to be bright to signify happiness, to me it is showing with the rainbow that there is hope and the world isn’t as dark and gloomy as someone with mental health might think it is. The use of the white text in the bottom right ties in with the speech bubble not clustering the poster and making it easy to read. It is clear what charity this is and goes to show sometimes less is more.

The second poster is a complete contrast to the first in many ways. The first obvious contrast is how much information is on the poster and the use of actual images compared to just a cartoon picture. The bold white text at the top of the poster is clear to read and stands out againts the darker blurred imaged below. The use of blurring images against bold text is effective in creating a contrasting background to make the text more illegible. The image of the mother and daughter shows love and the kiss is a sign of affection and comfortableness. The body text is put into speech bubbles to clearly isolate it from the rest of the poster making it easier to read. The rule of thirds is used here to divide the poster into three clear parts. Affectionate picture at the top, Informative text in the middle and the charity and contact information in the bottom third. The three main colours used compliment each other and the red and pink are used here as a suggestion of love and support.


website used for first poster.

website used for second poster.