AAD529 week 11

This week I started sketching ideas for a non-profit organisation poster. The charity I chose to design for was St Johns. The reason I chose St Johns Ambulance was because I think that healthcare is very important and St Johns are a volunteer service providing first aid to those requiring it. Also providing a vital ambulance service to the local hospitals and doctors.

Below is the current poster design for St Johns, I used this to get inspiration and see what direction I wanted to take with my own poster.

What I like about this poster is how bright and friendly the appeal is. The writing is very clear and easy to read being that it isn’t clashing with any images. The repeated pattern in the heart and bottom half of the poster ties in well together without making the poster feel blocky.

These were my original sketches. Terrible drawings but it gave me an idea of what I wanted to feature on my poster and flyer designs. The question mark was put as a space filler as I wasnt 100% sure what was going to replace it.
Here I have drawn 3 concept designs for my poster/flyer. The first one “community concept” is designed to unite the community as one. The image would be people of various backgrounds standing infront of the ambulance. Although I didnt draw it in the other pictures I think I’ll keep the heart in the corner as I think this will clearly identify important information. The second design “finish line concept” was designed with children in mind. A fun interactive poster/flyer to pull the ambulance to the finish line. The third “Puzzle Concept” is aimed at various ages and shows that your help is needed in finding the missing puzzle piece. This design features an ambulance uniform.