I am the “super-administrator” of this here NMIT Blog network. Which means I put this all together and I administer it. If you want specific themes or plugins, you need to pester me.

I’m a designer in the Flexible Learning Team. We design and facilitate technology-enhanced learning experiences by providing training and support in designing courses and learning material. This includes our Learning Management System Moodle.

I’ve been posting on the internet since before the world wide web. Here is a cringy and unfactual newsgroup post I wrote in my 1993 5th form Computer Studies Class. Written on a computer like the one shown in this article and then dialing into a computer in some other computer lab leaving these text posts. It was pretty exciting waiting to hear the responses from school kids in our countries, with similarly un-researched opinion pieces. The illustration is a pretty clear representation of the experience.

To get a feel for what writing on the internet or even using a computer back then was like visit this great site.

I’m hoping this new blog network¬†will enable communication and collaboration across NMIT courses, programmes and externally with friends and family both locally and nationally.

But please!!! use a spell checker and do research. Don’t let Google store your literary embarrasments for eternity like it has done mine.



Kia ora Alan, we (AAD511 class) would love it if you could give us the ability to change the colour of the menu items. If you check out my blog you will see that the menu items are not visible at all because part of my banner image is black!

Hmmm. I plan to give you all access to more theme options. But right now the best method would be to change the image. Or if it’s really important I can change the code.


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