about me

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Hi I’m Ange, and I’m a writer. There I’ve said it.

Once upon a time I labelled myself an occupational therapist and a mum of two boys. Enrolling part time in the NMIT Writing for Creative Industries Diploma in 2018 was a deliberate decision to change my career. I guess the hankering to create was lurking within me but life got in the way… as did a tendency to sway life balance to favour work. An advertisement for painting classes was pinned on my home noticeboard and ignored for many years. Occasionally I’d glance at it as if it were as unreachable as the rainbow’s pot of gold. But there it remained (the teacher was probably long gone) while I juggled part time professional work with raising a young family, and friendships, until a break from work and my friend took me along to art classes taught by the adorable and talented Jo Tyson. The experience was far beyond my comfort zone. I was soon hooked. Somewhere in my upbringing had led me to believe the crazy notion there are creative people and then there’s everyone else…

It didn’t occur to me that I could be both.

It was time to scratch the next itch.

Though I adored my birth city of Wellington my Tasman-born hubby attracted me here some 20 years ago. As a city slicker the move to sleepy Nelson was challenging but one I’m forever grateful for – space to breathe in nature and sunshine, inspiration to write.

This writing journey like all journeys has me soaring high, paddling to keep my head above water and diving into deep ditches.

I’ve been to places within myself I don’t want to go to.

I’ve met wonderful fellow writers and hitched along on their journey. I’ve splurged my innards onto pages, polished them off again, peeled off some layers to expose more of me and grown in the process.

From this new beginning, I’ve loved it and cursed it, become addicted to it. And now I don’t want it to end.

It’s still going so I hope you enjoy the ride with me.


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