Artist Honor Stephenson

Honor Stephanson Graduated in 1996 with a B ED with honour. She taught at Mapua Primary School and she also gave primary age art classes.

 Her creativity started at an early age.

“My Mum and Dad read me lots of picture books from an early age and I remember being obsessed with the illustrations”

She would spend hours on her chalk easel board. Because it was not permanent it gave her the freedom to explore and experiment with fresh ideas.

Honor spent five years in Singapore. Because of the intense heat, the schools would end at 10.00 am every day. The afternoons she spent entertaining herself with arts and crafts where she developed a passion for drawing and painting

At thirteen her family moved to the UK where she had access to all the galleries and museums which gave her understanding of the evolution of art.

“In my teenage years, I loved the pre-raphaelite artists The lady of Shallot by John Waterhouse (probably because they fit teenage angst)”.

She loved realism and sentimental subject matter. Artists like Marc Chagall and Robin Slow have influenced her with the sentimental subject matter and Robin Slows details and metallic paints.

 “All of these diverse artists have an element of storytelling in their art and I think this is why I’m drawn to them”.

 Honor then moved back to New Zealand 2003.

 “I moved back to New Zealand, teaching at Mapua School which gave me access to local artist Robin Slow and opened my eyes to the beauty of Maori influenced art.”

Honor works in Acrylic, watercolour paint, charcoal pencil and oil which she prefers for its versatility. Enjoying the Image classes that Catherine takes has taught her to use a pallet knife and how to apply impasto.

“In my work, I aim to have a story behind the pieces”

She chose to study at NMIT  to do a BA to refresh her skills so she could move on to teach secondary school.

“ I love creating art for my own sake but my passion is enabling children to express themselves through being creative”.

Being a kind and caring person its not surprising that Honor said “another possible career I am interested in is becoming an art therapist attached to hospitals or hospice”.