Comparative Research

        Richard David Shepherd25 April 1931 – 19 September 2017

David Shepherd Born on April 25, 1931, in London, United Kingdom, he studied with the British painter Robin Goodwin before making commissioned works depicting aircraft for the Royal Air Force.

 He was a  wildlife painter and dedicated sixty years of his life to protecting endangered wildlife by using his exceptional wildlife art to raise funds. He is the founder of Wildlife foundation and created detailed, realistic animal images, in their natural habitat.

His passion extended to writing books on the subject, it included his autobiography.  Davids art continues to raise invaluable funds for conservation and annually the Wild Artist of the year competition is held.

Chief executive Karen Botha saying, “David’s passion for wildlife and the role of man in its demise infuriated and inspired him. He was dedicated, tenacious and outspoken, a champion of animals and the people who worked to protect them. He will be greatly missed.”(1)

They raise environmental awareness in the children at an early age by conservation visiting school and giving workshops. They also engage them by arranging Children art competitions.

If every artist could leave an impact like the admired David Sheperd, the next generation will get to enjoy the vast verity of the animal kingdom as our forefathers. It is not just the moral right thing to do, but our duty.

The foundation has achieved the GuideStar’s Gold Seal of Transparency award. It has a following on twitter and 1859 followers on Instagram. Their Facebook page has 1,438,143 and Linkedin 706 followers

The organisation has used every platform of media including The New York times, Forbs and CNN

The bi-annual magazine of David Sheperd Wildlife foundation gives news on all their projects an amazing art and adoptions in support of endangered wildlife. (2). The Foundation aims to keep administration costs to an absolute minimum to ensure that a healthy percentage of unrestricted donations received reaches projects on the ground.  100% of all restricted donations are deployed to projects and no administration fees are deducted from this income stream. (3)Should you be interested in entering the Wildlife Artist Of The Year 2020 there is a link at the end of this article.