•  My mountain: Mount Nyangani
  •  My subtribe:   Pratt
  • My river:           Zambesi
  • My lake:          Kariba
  • My waters:       Victoria falls
Victoria falls

Born in Blantyre, Malawi in 1955

I was raised in Salisbury, Rhodesia from 1958 by Dominican nuns at Emerald Hills Children’s Home and was educated at Salisbury Convent.

My husband and I relocated to South Africa in 1980.

Drawing and painting was my past time when I had time away from taking care of a family. My passion for art led me to collecting art books and attending art groups, where I learnt drawing and exploring in water colours.

My creativeness allowed me to do weddings, decorating and renovating of homes. I started a small home industry and painted murals.

While my children were at school I joined a group that was taught by Margaret Bernard School of Art, here I gained more confidence and learnt to use acrylics. I joined and exhibited with the Highway Art Society. After moving to the coast, I joined and exhibited with Art By The Sea.

My frequent travels to Lake Kariba, Chobe and other game reserves in Africa sparked my interests in painting and exploring wildlife.

I have three children and six grandchildren.