Blog 1- Observation of Body Language

By observing people at my workplace, I’ve noticed certain body language cues, which help me in communicating with and understanding other people more effectively. I work as a Salesperson and the job is based very much based on understanding body language. The time I started the job and was not confident of all the tasks to perform, people could simply sense my lack of confidence by my body language and I could turn people off from buying something. But now, after I’ve become more confident and become more aware of how do what at my place of work, and after having observed many peoples’ buying style and their body language, I can communicate non-verbally much better and identify body language signs.


Most of the times, the customer comes up to buy a specific thing and is sure of what they want, but from their body language I can sense their curiosity(tilted face and contracted eyebrows) about other things in the shop, and am able to suggest them other products that they might be interested in. 

Person who doesn’t want to be approached for help or is shy, signals this by hands in pocket, casual looking, ignoring our presence (not making eye contact) or crossing arms. 

The lack of interest can also be clearly distinguished if the person shows to be in a hurry, looks sideways, doesn’t ask any questions or asks irrelevant questions. Same way- Sarcastic interest can also be distinguished by person showing uncommon or too much interest.

In similar ways many behaviors and moods can also be sensed by facial expressions. Eg. A person feeling sad tries to reduce the conversation to the least. The same way a happy person is more welcoming and more likely to start a conversation.

Overall, more than verbal communications, the body language signs play much important role in communicating effectively.



  1. Really great points about discerning someones moods or interests by interpreting their body language and how it’s a skill that you can learn and be better at over time. Retail is seriously daunting to me but it must be nice to be able to help someone figure out what they need or want to buy.

    1. Thank you taking the time to write the comment. Yes, it was quite daunting. Now I’ve changed that job. And learnt a lot about interpreting body language signs.

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