Team Bonding Activities

Our Group (Harprit, Apoorv and Me) participated in one out of four team bonding activities- The Bamboo Stick balancing.
The activity was to hold the bamboo stick on the index finger while standing and bring down the stick towards the ground. Our team did a good job in a bad way, because the team thought that the activity is unnecessary and boring yet completed the task very fast (of course without cheating). The team members including me, decided that because we must do one of the four activities, this one seemed to be the most interesting and educational.
Here is how it went:
Everyone kept the stick on their index finger and started to look at each other’s faces, for advice on how fast to bring down the stick. The activity was quite easy to be honest, because even we amateurs with no interest in the activity were able to bring down the stick without making it fall even once, or maybe we might have done it the wrong way.
The trick we used was- understanding by communicating. We communicated well by shouting at each other, when the stick went even a little bit out of balance. Harprit was the one with most interest in the activity and he guided us very well. And without any doubt we let him take the lead because of his enthusiasm. Before starting the task, he explained us the techniques we should use to bring down the stick (which was to follow his guidance throughout the task). And we very well stuck to his words.
The challenges we faced were –
• Lack of prior planning.
• Lack of interest
Yet, we bonded very well over the activity and has understood each other’s way of communicating, and I’ve also improved my own group participation skills by realizing that I need to be more open to team members opinions.


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