Teams and more Teams

What makes an ineffective team?
The team is ineffective when there is no active participation of other team members. i.e. you have to wait long hours for team members to reply or their replies are not well informed or well researched. Basically, if the team members make no effort in finishing the job, the team is ineffective.

• How do you overcome ineffective team members?
Ineffective team members can be overcome by encouraging them, getting their attention, making the job interesting for them or allocating them the tasks which are easy for them but time consuming for you.

• What makes a good team? How can you make the team better?
A good team is focused, listens to each other’s opinions and provide active feedback in a short period. A team can be made better by being more considerate and understanding of other team members and encouraging them.

• What makes a great team? How can you keep the team great?
Please refer to the previous question.

• How can teams work effectively and efficiently?

You can refer to above question if you need more info, but addition to them all, team members can work effectively by assigning specific tasks to other team members with the time deadlines, and helping and encouraging the team members if possible in finishing the task.

Using the questions above, or any others that you can find, describe the effectiveness and efficiency of your team so far:
Our team is not very efficient but very effective. My team members in COM502 Assessment 2 gathers on the day of assessment parts submission to effectively complete the task on the same day. Some team members are not very active and doesn’t reply very quick which leaves other team members with no option but to complete the task themselves, but if the task is made easy for them, they are happy to do it. Our team is quite clear on who does what and when and therefore doesn’t disturb each other very much except until the due date of submission. I believe our team (including me) lacks interest in the activities and therefore only completes them somehow for the sake of assessment marks.
Part 2 – How important is it to have an effective and efficient team in your:
the current class of COM502?
Not very important as the tasks are quite easy to do, most of the time goes in waiting for team members reply (which can be used to simply finish the task), yet most of the tasks are individually graded, therefore not much effective and efficient, yet good to have.
– overall certificate/diploma/degree programme?
Very important as overtime the team becomes more efficient, effective and aware of each other’s strong points and way of doing things. Having team for this long could create everlasting friendships or could be a dull team. It is good to have open options for choosing team members.

• potential future employment?
Yes, I would love to not have complete tasks assigned to myself but divided in a team (provided the tasks are clearly defined and distinguished.)


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