• The thief

    Kedaethiel Kingdom  •  North Island  •  Laevell town  •  789 LE (Laevell Era) Wading through a mass of Laevell citizens dressed all in colourful, “blessing spring” festival attire. In a royal guard uniform, and securing her dark hair in a pony-tail, Adeline blended into the hectic lower-classed town crowd even though she pushed against the tide headed for the Laevell palace where they would listen to Queen Magdala Laevell’s speech, blessing another fruitful season for all Kedaethiel islands. ‘H-hey! Guard!’ A voice, barely heard over the masses shouted after Adeline. ‘Stop! I need your assistance!’ Adeline’s pace quickened, she shoved harder through the mass of citizens, zigzagging it in hopes of…

  • Space metal

    Ignoring the pain in my shoulder, I manoeuvred my craft through the smaller pocket’s of debris my external claw wouldn’t be able to pick up and regularly checked my scanner for anything of decent size, but my shift in the had been relatively peaceful one. ‘Dammit B, you’ve got the easiest section today!’ Samson continued to whine over the receiver which I had turned down so low it was nearly muted, yet his voice still managed to pierce my skull. On the control panel, I flicked my communicator too transmitting. ‘Not my fault you have shit luck.’ ‘Fuck off, luck had nothing to do with it! Our biased team leader…

  • Demoted angels

    ‘Sweetheart, do you mind if I borrow your cellular phone for a moment.’ A strange man held out his hand for a female bystander’s phone, captivated by this person, she absent-mindedly hung up her call and handed the device to him. ‘Thank you, dear, I’ll only be a moment. There’s something I’ve always wanted to do in a human body.’ ‘You make it sound like you don’t usually have one?’ The girl asked, still gushing over the stranger. The man pulled up the camera in selfie mode and posed. ‘That is correct. You know, I’ve always wanted to try taking a self-ie, it’s harder than it looks.’ ‘What are you…

  • Desperate metamorphosis – The vegetarian

    While scanning over the bookshelves at the library, seeing a book titled, ‘The vegetarian’, while being one, was interesting. Would it actually be about someone with the same diet as me? Would it be pushing some agenda? What I read was far more painful. At times it felt like I was reading a horror story that didn’t need impossible monsters or prolonged scenes or eery anticipation. The vegetarian, written by Han Kang, and translated from Korean by Deborah Smith, is not an easy and at times enjoyable read. But, there are aspects of its raw indulgences and brutal engagings’, that makes it hard to leave unread. Published in Korean as…

  • So, what’s your story?

    The time I got asked this question, I was having the worst time of my life (to date) and I couldn't help thinking a couple of choice words about this man.

  • Why risks are no risk at all — WANDERER

    This is an excerpt from the first chapter of my manuscript, Wanderer. A 30-year-old man, David Lee-Jacobson, who's whole life fell apart without ever truly being together, dies. David's soul moves on to the space beyond life, but his body remains alive, inhabited by a soul who's never had a body of their own.


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