Demoted angels

‘Sweetheart, do you mind if I borrow your cellular phone for a moment.’ A strange man held out his hand for a female bystander’s phone, captivated by this person, she absent-mindedly hung up her call and handed the device to him. ‘Thank you, dear, I’ll only be a moment. There’s something I’ve always wanted to do in a human body.’

‘You make it sound like you don’t usually have one?’ The girl asked, still gushing over the stranger.

The man pulled up the camera in selfie mode and posed. ‘That is correct. You know, I’ve always wanted to try taking a self-ie, it’s harder than it looks.’

‘What are you if not human?’ The woman watched as the stranger continued to pull different but still attractive faces.

‘Oh me? I’m an angel.’ The stranger said as he held down the camera button and took a burst of selfies. Once satisfied, he looked around. ‘Where have my brothers gotten too? I would love to take a self-ie with them.’

‘Are they angels too?’ The woman looked around for people who resembled the stranger.

‘Why, yes indeed.’ The angel went back to taking selfies this time including the peace sign.

Oddly intrigued and easily convinced by the man’s story, the woman asked. ‘Why are you three here?’

‘Us? Oh, we got kicked out of heaven.’ The angel began to attempt different angles. ‘Oh goodness, how do you delete— Nevermind, I figure it out.’

‘So, you’re fallen angels?’ The woman asked, sneaking closer to the man.

‘Goodness no, we didn’t do anything so horrendous to deserve that. We’ve just been, demoted.’ The angel momentarily stopped taking photos, looked to the woman and explained ‘We were meant to serve out our sentence in these flesh bags and live as human’s until we got our act together.’

The woman frowned. ‘Were meant to? Doesn’t sound like that’s what you have planned.’

‘Aren’t you a smart one. You’re right, we have other plans.’ The angel put an arm around her and held up the phone. ‘Say, “I just met an angel!” Oh my, what a pretty face you have.’

‘What are you going to do?’ Though blushing, the woman still managed to hold her composure.

‘We’re sneaking back into heaven.’ The angel pulled his arm away and held a finger to his lips. ‘It’s a secret, don’t pray to the big guy and let him know.’

The woman leaned in and whispered. ‘He hears our prayers?’

‘You know what? I’m actually not sure, but still better safe than sorry.’ The angel frowned in thought before his eyes lit up and he waved to two other handsome gentlemen approaching. ‘Brothers! Come, take a self-ie with me!’

He ran up to his brother, who none, looked anything alike, put an arm around one of them and held the camera up.

‘You can’t fit us all on the tiny screen.’ Said the one in the middle.

The one on the end looked at the woman. ‘Why not get the human to take a picture?

‘Even better! Sweetheart, take a photo of us?’ The angel with the phone back to its owner and ran back to put an arm around each of his brothers. ‘It might end up in a museum one day “the three demoted angels who sunk back into the ranks of heaven”. What a ruckus we’ll cause.’

— End —

Here’s just a fun one, I made this from a note of a dream I had and all it said was, “three demoted angels sneak back into the ranks of heaven and cause a ruckus”.


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