Space metal

Ignoring the pain in my shoulder, I manoeuvred my craft through the smaller pocket’s of debris my external claw wouldn’t be able to pick up and regularly checked my scanner for anything of decent size, but my shift in the had been relatively peaceful one.

‘Dammit B, you’ve got the easiest section today!’ Samson continued to whine over the receiver which I had turned down so low it was nearly muted, yet his voice still managed to pierce my skull.

On the control panel, I flicked my communicator too transmitting. ‘Not my fault you have shit luck.’

‘Fuck off, luck had nothing to do with it! Our biased team leader went easy on his second!’ Samson snorted, in his moment of distraction I watched out my window, his craft hit space debris which shared an audible “oof” over the radio with everyone on our team. I suppressed a laugh better than the other members. Samson’s cleared his throat. ‘Shut up asshats! I-i know what I’m doing!’

Kennedy took no measure’s to hide her laugh. ‘Sure, keep telling yourself that.’

‘You know what, I’ve had enough of this shit, B, switch sections me!’ Samson begged.

I was too focused on grabbing a piece of debris and retracting it to the collection point in my craft. Damion, our leader replied instead. ‘You’re such a dick, that’s not happening.’

Kennedy also clapped back. ‘Our second in command got hurt cleaning up the shit you caused, Samson! B owes you nothing!’

‘Yeah… well—’ Samson went to defend himself but the quietest in our team interrupted him.

‘You deserve the section you got today.’ Lottie added to the conversation.

Kennedy broke out in laughter again. ‘Even Lottie spoke up! That’s how you know you fucked up!’

‘Oh, kiss my space metal.’ Samson complained.

‘Trust me, no one wants to do that.’ Kennedy quipped and I could visualise the laughter tears in her eyes.

Samson wasted no time shouting back. ‘Shut the hell up already, Kennedy!’

As the space debris was being secured in the dump station, a loud “clunk” was followed by my whole craft jolting. On my monitor, it showed a problem within my craft. ‘I think on of my internal clamps are jammed with debris, I’m going to clear it manually.’

‘Make sure to take the hands-free receiver this time.’ Damion ordered.

Samson said with a suggesting tone. ‘Cap wants to be able to chat with you, “privately”.’

‘It’s protocol, dumbass.’ Our leader corrected him. 

‘Remember the limits with your shoulder injury, I’m still in the section next to you, if you need any help I can come over.’ Lottie offered.

‘The ever-reliable Lottie.’ Kennedy added.

I switched my craft to autopilot on standby and un-strapped myself from the pilot’s seat. ‘Thanks, Lottie. Right guys, I’ll check in later.’

‘Least you won’t have to listen to Samson talking shit.’ Kennedy said earning stifled protest from Samson.

He went to reply. ‘Fuck you—’

I turned off the intercom and put in my earpiece. Damion checked in. ‘B, You there?’

Adjusting the volume I replied. ‘Yup, I’ve switched over to the hands-free receiver.’

‘Good, let me know what’s been lodged when you find out.’ My old friend and new team leader ordered.

Heading for the debris dump room, I replied. ‘Will do, Damion, make sure to keep the peace in my absence.’ 

Damion allowed himself a chuckle. ‘I think that’s the hardest thing you’ve ever asked of me. It will definitely be a challenge.’

‘Worse then O8?’ I joked, unsure if it was still a touchy subject.

‘O8… was awkward, but not difficult.’ My team leader proclaimed.

‘Really? You seemed thoroughly against it at the time.’ I asked, stepping into the space debris dump room. Inspecting the clamps, there was nothing jammed.

‘Those were different times… we were different people.’ Damion explained.

I laughed at the way he spoke. From the module on my wrist, I began a scan of the room. ‘Now you’re just making us sound old— Whoa, the hell?’

A life sign radiated from within the collected debris. Stepping closer, I confirmed the signal of a living organism.

‘B? What’s wrong?’ Damion questioned.

‘Something’s in my craft… A life form— It’s able to breathe our oxygen!’ Reaching out for the debris where behind, emanated the life form signal, my hand shook.

Damion’s voice resonated with concern. ‘Stand-by! Do not engage! I’ll come and get you—’

His orders went in one ear and out the other. Pulling the debris away, a creature shot past me. ‘Christ!’

Turning around I caught a glimpse of the life form hitting the wall before flying toward’s another.

‘Get out of there B! Prepare for extraction!’ My team leader ordered, I ran from the room for the flight deck.

‘I’m switching to all channels!’ I changed the channel on my earpiece. ‘Team D1, evacuate, this is not a drill, I repeat—’

‘G-gu— ys!’ Lottie sounded concern and something was interfering with her transmission.

‘What’s wrong with Lottie’s receiver?’ Kennedy asked.

‘T-there— s-some— thing— out th-there.’ Lottie’s transmission was being interfered with.

Damion cut in. ‘Lottie, do not leave your designated. We’ll come—’

Samson shouted. ‘F-fuck! A ship is nearing Lottie’s position!’

‘I-i ca—n’t— stop! My crafts— Hijacked!’ Lottie’s transmission was worsening by the second.

I ran for the flight deck, ignoring the creature blindly slamming into everything around me. ‘Sit tight! I’ll get you—’

Damion’s harsh, authoritative voice disagreed in my earpiece. ‘No B! You’re craft has been compromised too!’

I fall back into the pilot’s seat and strap myself in and switch communications back to the craft’s intercom system.

‘Whatever it is, it’s not attacking me, Lottie’s priority.’ I flick the craft’s controls back to manual. ‘I repeat, Lottie is priority.’

— End —

Another fiction/dream story 🙂


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