The thief

Kedaethiel Kingdom  •  North Island  •  Laevell town  •  789 LE (Laevell Era)

Wading through a mass of Laevell citizens dressed all in colourful, “blessing spring” festival attire. In a royal guard uniform, and securing her dark hair in a pony-tail, Adeline blended into the hectic lower-classed town crowd even though she pushed against the tide headed for the Laevell palace where they would listen to Queen Magdala Laevell’s speech, blessing another fruitful season for all Kedaethiel islands.

‘H-hey! Guard!’ A voice, barely heard over the masses shouted after Adeline. ‘Stop! I need your assistance!’

Adeline’s pace quickened, she shoved harder through the mass of citizens, zigzagging it in hopes of losing whoever was following her. 

The female voice shouted again. ‘As a fellow guard of the Laevell palace, I order you, stop!’

The woman caught up to Adeline, her hand touched the fleeing guard’s shoulder and as it did, Adeline’s hair changed back to white.

The pursuer shouted. ‘Y-you’re a royal—’ 

Adeline swung around to face the young woman, her hand clasped over the young woman’s mouth.

— Two months prior —

Three guards in front of the treasury turned to the staircase where they could hear the sounds of an approaching person.

Adeline stumbled over her dress and fell down the last of the stairs, scraping her knees on the stone ground. ‘Please… Help me.’

‘Y-your highness?’ A guard ran over to her and helped her to the young woman to her feet. ‘Send word for a healer!’

Adeline gripped at the guard’s arm, panting, she begged. ‘I-i’m being chased, please help me!’

All the guards looked concerned, one opened the door behind him. ‘Hide in the treasury, we’ll scout the area.’

‘O-okay,’ Adeline was helped to her feet and guided to the treasury door. 

‘Stay quiet.’ The guard warned her, unsheathing his sword. 

The door shuts behind Adeline, still panting, she pressed her ear to the oak door.

‘Stay here and protect the princess. We’ll see what’s going on.’

She waits for a minute to pass until she pushes a chest up to the door, barricading it. Moving over to one of the smaller chests, she knew what she was looking for, and then, toward the back of the room, her eyes were drawn to the potted rose plant with a single bud, Adeline smiled. ‘I told you I’d get you back.’

Adeline walked over and touched the plant. It proceeded to snake up and coil itself around her upper arm, the thorns did not pierce the young woman’s skin but the flower bloomed brilliantly. She smiled. ‘Finally.’

Adeline moved over to a chest filled with necklaces, picking the ones with the largest gems she threw several over her neck. In a smaller chest, she picked through dozens of rings for the biggest diamonds and slipped them on her fingers too. Moving on to the weapons, she picked up a dagger’s sheath and secures it around her leg, as her dress falls over it, it is unnoticeable. 

Pushing the large chest out of the door’s way, Adeline picked up a sword which was inside it. She positions herself beside the door and screamed. ‘Guard!’

The door swung open and Adeline hit the guard in the head with the hilt of the sword, his knees buckle beneath him, he looked up to Adeline. ‘W-wait, you’re not the princess—’

Adeline hit’s him again, this is the blow which makes him pass out before she stripped him of his guard uniform. 

— End of part 1 —

This is just a children’s fiction story I have been thinking about✌🏽


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