I’m Bellana,

Here’s an upside down photo of me because it’s the way it uploaded and I can’t be bothered fixing it

Now, my draft for my about me page was just a copy and paste for another blog I have. Nothing much has changed since writing that about me page, but something about it feels wrong. It talks about how I am average in every way, lazy and a bit of a giver-upper. Since the time of its written, I haven’t saved the world, cured a life-threatening disease, or taken a bullet for anyone: I have though, moved away from home and it’s semi-toxic environment, continuously push myself to study what I’m passionate about, and what is most important to my 20-year-old brain– Fallen in love.

More than feeling like a giver upper, at the moment, I feel directionless and that seems like a better position to be in because I at least want to get somewhere, I’m just not sure what the destination is.

Aside from that cheesy self-reflection which I can’t even believe I wrote myself but in fact did– Let’s move on.

I write, as well as the next person who knows their a,b,c’s, but I’m trying to be better and use those b,c,d’s in words or even more advanced, c,d,e’s in sentences… is it bad I had to start from the beginning of the alphabet to figure out what came after d? (tutors don’t feel obligated to answer that). I could carry on, but the scene has been set, well hopefully, maybe my d,e,f’s are being confused with x,y,z’s– see what I did there? I skipped straight to the end of the alphabet so I could finish this silly analogy. I’m not silly enough to think the alphabet goes abcdefxyz. Imagine those being the only letter’s in the English alphabet, I sure some excellent writing and linguistics students could get around in, not sure I would… 100% sure I wouldn’t.

By the end of my semester this year I have to upload several blog post about whatever I want, as I extend upon this I think, ‘hey, use this about me as one of the post!’
So that will probably happen at some point, but it is currently 10:05 pm and I’m more of an early morning writer (I know, weird right?).

I have more I want to say, but that’s always the case, but words are hard and I can’t always put them down on the page like I would like to. I guess that would be a good reason I’m studying at NMIT, to get better. Some day’s it can feel like your a cooked falafel in a cold pita bread salad… I’m hungry and thinking about what I ate today.

How do you finish an about me piece? How much have I actually said? Probably enough to get the picture that I’m a bit of a mess, but now I motivated to find direction mess which is a-okay with me.

I also have a personal blog: H.E.L.P


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