• The thief

    Kedaethiel Kingdom  •  North Island  •  Laevell town  •  789 LE (Laevell Era) Wading through a mass of Laevell citizens dressed all in colourful, “blessing spring” festival attire. In a royal guard uniform, and securing her dark hair in a pony-tail, Adeline blended into the hectic lower-classed town crowd even though she pushed against the tide headed for the Laevell palace where they would listen to Queen Magdala Laevell’s speech, blessing another fruitful season for all Kedaethiel islands. ‘H-hey! Guard!’ A voice, barely heard over the masses shouted after Adeline. ‘Stop! I need your assistance!’ Adeline’s pace quickened, she shoved harder through the mass of citizens, zigzagging it in hopes of…


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