My culture

Along the Gulf of Guinea lies the beautiful West African country of Ghana. It cultural and traditions are reach and vibrant.

The people of Ghana are warm and friendly. They are polite, open and trusting- even with strangers. In Ghana society, it is traditional to take life at a relaxed pace and view time as a seines of event rather than a matter of hours or minute.

population of Ghana is about 24 million which comprises of six major ethnic groups that breaks into more than sixty smaller ones. There are 52 separate languages and hundred of dialects are spoken in Ghana. The official language is English -a residual of British colonial rule, from which Ghana gain independence in 1957.

Ghanaian emphasize values such as the importance of family respect for the elderly and honor for traditional rulers. Ghana is often describe as the land of festivals, music, and traditional dances and art. The traditional textiles like kente weaving, hand batik, and Bolga woven bags tell a visual story of the surrounds environment, reflection cultural history through colors.

This technique of weaving originated in Ghana by the Frafra’s from the Northern part of the country Bolgatanga. Basket weaving started as a means to supplement income of the Frafra’s due to the area’s dry soil paired with erratic rainfall and harsh weather conditions.


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