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Viraj Rajput – Graphic Designer

Viraj in Nelson, 2020

By Belinda Plange

Viraj Rajput was born in Mumbai, India in 1997. He grew up in an artistic environment around advertisements, billboards, magazines and the unique colours of the Indian environment and natural world.

Ever since he was a child, he has always been fascinated by images and how the world is presented through the eyes of others. Because of this, Viraj found himself naturally drawn to images and photography. As a creative person he loves exploring different forms of creativity and mediums.

“When I used to go to malls, supermarkets or roads, I often used to check and gave constructive criticism about it, “Will a different font convey the message precisely? Can a different layout make the artwork look better?””
Viraj Rajput – 2020

Viraj loves graphic design as it involves the use of his imagination and he can incorporate a message into it, that can make people think differently. He looks to graphic design experts like Michael Beirut, Alex Trochut and Jessica Walsh as inspirations for his style.

His creative interests were cultivated during his childhood and then further developed when he opted to pursue a certificate course in graphic design, and then completed two internships in the graphic design industry. All of this was done whilst he was still completing his bachelor’s degree, majoring in financial markets. Viraj slowly realised that even though he was pursuing a career in finance, design was his true passion and so he changed focus, moved to Nelson – New Zealand, and started the diploma in art and design here at Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology.

Viraj isn’t just interested in graphic design. He’s a creative mind interested in all forms of creativity. This is one of the reasons he decided to complete this diploma in art and design – to enhance his skills in all different art and design mediums. Currently he’s enjoying photography, painting, and object design. He’s also enjoying learning about the communication side of the industry, so he’ll be able to showcase his work to a variety of people in a way that’s meaningful to them.

Once Viraj has completed his diploma in art and design, his plan is to enter the printing industry, working for a magazine or newspaper company. If he wasn’t working in the design world, he would either be a photographer or in the finance world.

Fig 1: An example of Viraj Rajput’s work for Club Majesty

Outside of the artistic world Viraj considers himself a bit of a chef, and enjoys creating traditional Indian and Chinese masterpieces in the kitchen. He’s also always had a fascination with space, claiming his favourite movie is Gravity. He loves badminton and wrestling. He keeps himself active with morning walks, and his mind active with reading. Some of his more interesting hobbies include sleeping and making different types of tea.

Viraj wants to let those interested in studying graphic design know that it’s not easy, but it’s a rewarding career and with hard work, you too will be able to share your vision with the world.

“Graphic Design is visually simple and complex at the same time. There are going to be tough times where you feel you lost your creativity and magic. I want to tell them that it’s just a phase and it happens to the best of us. So just keep working on your skill, keep inspiring and PAINT THE TOWN!”
Viraj Rajput – 2020

Visit https://www.behance.net/virajrajput to see more of Viraj’s work.

Fig 1: Rajput, Viraj. A Tribe Called Jazz, 2019, graphic design advertisement accessed April 2020

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