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I sell colorful homemade woven baskets at the Nelson Market, but due to Covid-19 the markets are closed. I want to set up online workshops, through the Nelson Market website. Where artist’s would use Zoom, as a platform to teach their skills and connect with buyers.

On the Nelson market website, Zoom sessions will be promoted and available for stallholders to connect with the public and share their ideas, which will hopefully create revenue. and allow stallholders a way to access emotional support which they have lost through the market being shut.

These workshops will showcase the stallholder’s skills, such as my basket weaving etc, The Zoom platform allows people to have face-to-face real time conversations and interactions.

The market is a creative community where stall holders connect and chat to each other as they set up and have a cup of coffee. Zoom is a platform which would provide a forum for an online ‘coffee shop’. This would provide a way for stallholders to access emotional support and reaffirm their connections.

It will allow the community and the stallholders to keep up their social life, the market is about bringing people together.


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