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    How do we connect in Covid 19, as artists and creatives? How can I make income, and in a market or collective setting? Covid 19 – Zoom as platform. I  was researching on artist that convey my concept or idea which is to provide income for artist whilst socializing at the same time and found the master Pieces website.  The Master pieces  is a collective  set up by  Sam Hoffman and Joesephine Kim, both majoring in advertising to promote artists who are struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a fun way to add fun to zoom meetings and supporting artist during the COVID-19 pandemic. The background art has been…

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    Share Idea

    I sell colorful homemade woven baskets at the Nelson Market, but due to Covid-19 the markets are closed. I want to set up online workshops, through the Nelson Market website. Where artist’s would use Zoom, as a platform to teach their skills and connect with buyers. On the Nelson market website, Zoom sessions will be promoted and available for stallholders to connect with the public and share their ideas, which will hopefully create revenue. and allow stallholders a way to access emotional support which they have lost through the market being shut. These workshops will showcase the stallholder’s skills, such as my basket weaving etc, The Zoom platform allows people…

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    Viraj Rajput – Graphic Designer

    By Belinda Plange Viraj Rajput was born in Mumbai, India in 1997. He grew up in an artistic environment around advertisements, billboards, magazines and the unique colours of the Indian environment and natural world. Ever since he was a child, he has always been fascinated by images and how the world is presented through the eyes of others. Because of this, Viraj found himself naturally drawn to images and photography. As a creative person he loves exploring different forms of creativity and mediums. “When I used to go to malls, supermarkets or roads, I often used to check and gave constructive criticism about it, “Will a different font convey the…

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    In this blog, I will be sharing my art, the process and culture. This page is all the value’s we hold working together to create these beautiful traditional Ghana basket. This traditional weaving tells a visual story of the surrounding environment, reflecting cultural history through colors. Weaving with family. A normal routine been raised in the heart of a basket weaving family. It is also a means of socializing for us. This is how we come together and weave, to champion each other success and help others bring new idea and unique perspective.

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    The basket making process. The basket are made using elephant grass( Pennisetum pupreum) The process began by harvesting tall elephant grass from the local field. Each piece of dried elephant grass is split in half vertically, then twisted together to give strength and durability. The straw is bundled together, then dipped into boiling water and natural dyes to gain it vibrant colors. It’s left to dry for 24 hours. This technique of weaving originated in Ghana by the Frafra’s from the Northern part of the country Bolgatanga. Basket weaving started as a means to supplement income of the Frafra’sdue to the area’s dry soil paired with erratic rainfall and harch…


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