Teams and more Teams

(Disclaimer: I feel that I should mention that this blog is purely analytical; I do not harbour any resentment or other negative feelings to any of my team members. I trust that everyone tried their best and that’s good enough for me; even if that isn’t reflected in the rest of this blog.)

To date, I feel that our team has been reasonably effective, though there is room for improvement. We work well together and build off of each other but our time management coordination has been a bit below optimal. We also faced the issue of a few team members being either unable or unwilling to participate.
While these problems keep us from being a particularly effective or great team, those members who were actively part of our team were able to pull through and accomplish our goals. As such I would not say that our team is ineffective as we still completed the tasks that were set out for us.
We overcame these problems by clearly communicating with each other and re-delegating the workload to the more active team members. I myself am guilty of missing the first of our meetings in which we wrote our report. To help make up for this, I went through the entirety of what had already been written, checking for errors and potential areas of improvement. I continued to do this right up until we declared our report to be finished.

If every member of our team was motivated and dedicated, continued communicating and delegating effectively and if we improved on our team’s collective time management; then I believe that we would be a great team.

Having an effective and efficient team is always important, whether it be in our current COM502 class, our overall certificate, diploma or degree, as well as any potential future employment.
Completing any task in a timely fashion (on time or earlier), while keeping the work to the highest standard possible (within the giving time), is crucial to what makes a team effective and efficient.
In the current COM502 class and overall programme, how well or poorly a team performs will reflect on how they are graded. In future employment, worst case, someone loses their job or doesn’t get the job in the first place. Being a good team player is very important to being an effective team, and being an effective team is very important in the industry of today. As such it’s also very important in COM502 as well as the overall programme/s, since they are designed to prepare and educate you for the industry.

By Frank Schulz – 24/05/2020


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  1. I think you did really well at recognising the flaws and strengths in yours and your teams efforts.
    It can be really tricky to publicly offer criticism of people that you’ll continue to see and work with and your post seems well-balanced and constructive, with good strategies to improve in the future.

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