The Importance of Sound

 1. What is one song which has special meaning to you and why?

I couldn’t decide between Sugar Mountain and Puff the Magic Dragon. I feel nostalgic when I hear these songs because my Dad used to play them on his guitar and sing them a lot when I was younger. I was surprised when I realized that Puff the Magic Dragon is actually about drug use. It sounds so sweet, but it actually has quite a dark meaning.

2. What connotations (thoughts and associations) do you have with heavy metal? 

Extreme / loud / Out of control /  headbanger music. Something that would give me a headache if I listened to it. It makes me think of young male musicians with long hair and tats who are incredibly passionate about their music. It makes me think of the colour black.

3. What connotations do you have with piano instrumentals?

I imagine a big stadium where a single piano is playing on the stage.  I think of it being very skillful, but I feel a bit bored by the thought of piano instrumentals.

What message do you think silence gives in a movie? 

It could give the message of suspense. For example, I think of someone blacking out in a film, followed by silence.