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Indevin Visit

Once again we left the classroom on another visit. This time we went to a large winery not far from WineWorks called Indevin. Indevin is a large scale winery dealing with a high volume of wine. It has the ability to do dispatching and packaging onsite. Due to the high volume of wine that it handles it is a bulk wine dispatcher dealing in Flexi containers. The Flexi containers are filled on site with seven being the maximum at a given time. The winery has also recently installed five hundred thousand litre tanks in order to keep up with demand.

Flexi Tank showing the bag and gate that holds the wine bag in place

After our arrival and sign in we were met by Camila H who is the logistics manager at the winery. Following the mandatory safety briefing we were taken on a tour around the site. Starting with the main flexi tank area, this area can hold up to seven tanks so around 35 tanks are filled each week. Afterwards we made our way up to the main cat walk of the winery where we discussed the current lay out and lamented over the severe shortage of workers due to the pandemic. From there we went over to admire the new 500,000 litre tanks that Indevin had recently brought and installed.

View from the top of the Indevin Winery

Overall I’m quite impressed with the winery, it is certainly on the high volume end of the scale which is quite different to me as I’ve always worked in a small scale low volume winery. However I would definably prefer the low volume winery as in a big winery you would be assigned to one job for the duration of the vintage and then to me would be very boring.   

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