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Filterability Index

Today for our last lesson of 2020 we popped down to the laboratory to do a quick run through on Filterability Index. This index gives an indication of the time taken for a wine to block a specific filter type during the process of filtration.

To test for filterability 1L of wine is passed through a filter and collected in a beaker at constant pressure, usually over a time period of 5 mins. A stopwatch is used to time the filter process and the volume of wine filtered in each 30 second period is recorded.

The filterability index is calculated as the ratio of the volume obtained between 30 and 90 seconds divided by the volume obtained between 120 and 180 seconds.

Filterability Index= Volume obtained between 30 and 90 seconds divided by Volume obtained between 120 and 180 seconds

The experiment went quite well though we did run out of wine towards the end of the experiment and there was a slight spillage when we loosened the wrong section of the filtration units. In the end the resulting filterability index was 0.84 making it a very filterable wine.

With the laboratory out of the way, we moved into the sensory room and settled down for a movie called A Seat at the Table. The film looks at exploring the worldwide wine market and how the quality of New Zealand wines matches up to the global market. The film is also an investigation on whether New Zealand wine can enter and hold its own against the completive market of the French wine market.

I enjoyed the film, though it had me quite sceptical during the parts talking about biodynamics and the process behind it all. Personally I’ve never had a much of a taste for all that but each to their own. I did however like all the footage from the French wine regions such as Burgundy and Bordeaux, places I have visited previously.

The class ended with the movie and a glass of wine. The course was quite enjoyable aside from some hiccups along the way. Personally I would have liked a bit more laboratory work as that was what I was quite keen to go and focus on but not to worry.

Cheers and Merry Christmas all!  

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