Presentation plan

For my seminar presentation I am going to promote National Geographic’s 50 Greatest Photographs exhibition at the Nelson Provincial Museum.


  • To make as many people in the Nelson/Marlborough region aware of this event as possible.
  • To encourage aspiring photographers, photojournalists and National Geographic lovers to attend this event.


  • To introduce this event to my class peers
  • To interest as many people about this event as I can
  • To learn more about the stories they share

Target audience:

  • Class peers
  • Nelson, Tasman, Marlborough residents
  • Photographers/ photojournalists

I would like to introduce as many people as I can to this event, as I believe to work produced by National Geographic is breath-taking photojournalism that would inspire many photographers and artists. Each photo tells a story, and those deserve to be shared with everyone. National Geographic creates awareness about important issues happening around the world today.

This month’s magazine issue:

National Geographic are showcasing some of the best and most remembered history from the last 130 years, and the exhibition in Nelson has been extended until the end of June to give more people the chance to go and see the amazing works displayed.


The presentation materials I will be using for this presentation will be media, online promotion and print. I will be promoting this exhibition on different platforms such as a variety of social media, magazines, newspapers, radio, outdoor media and ads. I would like to make quite a bit awareness for this topic so I am going to post about it on all of my social media platforms, make posters to be displayed around Nelson city, create an ad on the radio and have an article in the newspaper/magazines. These techniques will help to create awareness for this event and inform people from not just Nelson but photographers and people interested in photography from around the country.


References I will be using:











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