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For my presentation, I would like to share with my classmates the breathtaking exhibition, National Geographics 50 Greatest Photographs. Showcasing some of the most remembered histories from the last 130 years.

The event is free to all Nelson/Tasman residents and welcomes all ages to attend this extraordinary exhibition.

I have chosen this topic because I am an aspiring photographer and seeing others work really inspires me. I find photojournalism very interesting as these photographers capture stories and big issues happening globally around the world that can share awareness through a single photograph. To me a photograph speaks 1000 words, this kind of impact is something I want to share today.

In my presentation, I go into detail about some of the stories behind the photographs showcased in the exhibition. It’s the stories like these that really connect you to the photographs. This is the experience I wish to share with all of you. For those who are interested in photography as I am, I highly recommend seeing this exhibition before it ends!

My goal is to make as many people as I can aware of this event before it ends. To encourage aspiring photographers who can get some inspiration from these incredible pieces of history.

Want to learn more about National Geographic and their photographs? Go get out their sites.

■National Geographic website-




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