Importance of sound

  1. One song that has a special meaning to me is I see Fire by Ed Sheeran. The first time I hear this song was when I was in high school and a girl performed an acoustic version of it. For some reason this song had a massive impact on me. I could feel the emotion in the lyrics. For me it is a very relaxing song as it is slow and soft but had a beautiful rhythm to it, but also creates a strong impact when the song hits the bridge and outro as the beat becomes more intense which I love. The way he plays the guitar is in this song gives me chills, in the best way. I think this is one of Ed Sheeran’s best songs and I think he is a very talented artist with not only his voice but his instrumental background. This is also my favorite song that Ed played live at his concert I went to in both 2015 and 2018.

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2) Connotations associated with heavy metal

The feelings that instantly come to mind when thinking of heavy metal is anger, strong emotional feelings, stress, and a way that people like to de-stress by listening to something loud and heavy.

3) Connotations associated with piano instrumentals

Piano instrumentals remind me of relaxation and soothing. Something people would listen to as a relaxing background noise.

4) I think the message silence gives in a movie is an intense build up and creates drama. Sometimes silence is the biggest message.


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