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    The less she knows, the better

    The less I know, the better. 2018
    Stella Wilson

    Inside The Mind Of Youth is a catalogue Stella worked on in 2018, to encourage young artists of Nelson to put themselves out there, in hopes of boosting their confidence and creating stepping stones into the art world.
    Stella came up with the idea for the catalogue while she was studying a certificate in youth, it was originally for a project for her studies to help promote the youth of today, being a youth herself, she thought she would create something that she would want to participate in, “If I made the process as easy as I could, then It would inspire youth to actually do it, because I know that it’s difficult to step outside of your comfort zone,” Stella said, when asked about how she came up with the idea for the catalogue.

    Stella is still unsure about where she wants to end up, with her certificate in youth to aid her in life, she applied to the Arts and Design course at NMIT in hopes of it taking her in the right direction, with hopes of travelling Europe in the near future. While she finds many things to pull inspiration from, she finds the most inspiration from within her comfort zone, her home. Listening to hip-hop, and other music is also a huge motivator for her.

    Find out more about Stella over at her blog:

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