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    Presenting as a Wallflower

    Let’s be honest, nobody likes presenting, but today I had to stand up in front of the class and give my presentation.
    As one of the artists I’ve looked into this semester said “We traditionally think of the wallflower as an awkward young girl waiting by the dance floor desperate to be chosen” -Jessica Watts.

    Not that I’m awkward, or desperate to be chosen, I still think of myself as a wallflower, seemingly shy and quiet (some may beg to differ) presenting is a nightmare for me, but I got up there, and delivered my presentation best I could.

    I think it was a learning experience for me, we all have to do things we aren’t fond of sometimes, and that’s what today’s experience was for me, it was nerve wracking, but to be honest, I think we have the best group in the Level 5’s that I could possibly hope for when doing something like this.

    We all got through it, and we all did the best job we possibly could.
    Good job everyone 🙂

  • AAD511 Communications Lab

    The perks of being a wallflower

    The world in my arms
    Jessica Watts

    My presentation will be introducing the feminist art movement and how artist Jessica Watts uses ‘The Wallflower’ series to promote feminine power.

    I will be looking into hypothetical ways Jessica could potentially promote current women’s political issues using her artwork, while staying true to who she is and what her artwork is representing.

    I will also explore ways we could promote a hypothetical gallery exhibition to the target audience. (In this case, the level 5 Arts and Design students.)

    Come along to M209 on the 24th of June to hear more!

    Keep up to date with Jessica Watts’ latest works:


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