CGI 502/504 – 5.6 Update

Progress on my 502 model is going well. I have started with using basic poly shapes to block out the shapes/sizes of the model.

I have completed the 3D model aspect of the 504 assessment. There were a few difficulties with applying the light wrap, but I got there in the end. I had no trouble applying a colour match to the object. I am very pleased with the output.

502 – 16/3/20 – UV Mapping

I chose to start a fresh UV from the downloaded gun model. I did this to gain more knowledge in knowing how to UV Map, as I didn’t get much practice when we had briefly covered it over a week ago. I had a few issues with mapping some parts of the gun, as I had missed them. I proceeded to Photoshop with what I had, but soon realised this UV was a bit advanced for thyself. I then started on the barrel scene which came with textures and a tutorial to assist me with my troubles. I have not gotten far with the barrel, but I feel spending my time with a fresh UV and practicing the key aspects of the task (Gun UV) was more beneficial for me as it is the main foundation for this task.

CGI 503 – 11.6 – Animation Practice

I have begun to practice animating a basic model. After playing around with Maya for a bit, I have identified that the most important part is to keyframe in the right spots. This is so that the model can stay looking natural when animating (instead of arms bending outwards, etc). I have surprised myself as this is quite fun whilst remaining a brain challenge to work through problems that come up during the process. The next stage for me is to select a model for the assessment, and research some movements that I can replicate for my animation.

Dabbing Homer

CGI 502/503 – 28.5 Update

After beginning work on the assessments due by the end of term, I have found a reference to base my model off. Ori is a fictional character from a video game, so the character interests me. The overall shape of the body seems quite simple, but only time will tell as to if that’s the case when it comes to modeling it. I will work on the model creation for a while, before touching the rigging side of the course. I am slightly concerned as I have not spent much time at all on rigging, so that may take a bit to get used to. An extension is extremely needed as these tasks will not get finished by the due date. Lack of work during lockdown, along with a very small knowledge of the software are the main reasons for this. Work will pick up pace once I get more familiarised with Maya, and feel more confident in completing the model and rigging assessments.

504 – 6/3/20 – Chocolate Practice Part 2

I continued development on the bifrost chocolate practice from 5/3. I changed the colour of the bar that the chocolate will drip onto to give it a crunchie bar look. I also added a skydome light, and rendered the final product.