CGI 502/503 – 28.5 Update

After beginning work on the assessments due by the end of term, I have found a reference to base my model off. Ori is a fictional character from a video game, so the character interests me. The overall shape of the body seems quite simple, but only time will tell as to if that’s the case when it comes to modeling it. I will work on the model creation for a while, before touching the rigging side of the course. I am slightly concerned as I have not spent much time at all on rigging, so that may take a bit to get used to. An extension is extremely needed as these tasks will not get finished by the due date. Lack of work during lockdown, along with a very small knowledge of the software are the main reasons for this. Work will pick up pace once I get more familiarised with Maya, and feel more confident in completing the model and rigging assessments.