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A Bio of A Future Artist

Rebecca Knox was born and raised in Wellington alongside her parents and two siblings.

After leaving her full-time job in October 2018, Knox decided to pursue an art and design diploma at NMIT. Art has always empowered her to be expressive and unpredictable, as there are no limitations or restrictions. Following her instincts, Knox decided to go through this personal growth journey to find extraordinary opportunities that could lead her in new and exciting ways.

Knox enjoys Image Lab at the moment. Although she finds still life painting a challenge, she enjoys working and blending oils. Having used different techniques and applications, Knox discovered she loves painting with a pallet knife. As her first time using a pallet knife, Knox found it intriguing. Knox could surely become an artist in the future, as her passion for art is visible. Knox could include music and her love for the community in her artistic future. Perhaps doing a bachelor’s degree in arts and design, focusing on image lab, could be useful for further employment pathways. As her interest is mostly image lab, Knox could consider employment in jobs such as being an artist, a designer, a commercial artist, a painter, an art conservationist or even an arts administrator. Whichever role Knox decides to pursue, she will be excellent in it as her passion and creativity will guide her towards a successful future.

‘I think finding something that you love and are passionate about is good for you as an individual.  It demonstrates growth, self-awareness, and commitment and opens up a world of so much information and inspiration.’

Not only an art student, but Knox also spends her time in a band, as an SPCA volunteer, and does community and charity work. She does these things for the love of music and community. Knox wants to live in a world without COVID-19, as it has become a severe problem across the globe. But her perfect world would be a world with freedom of expression.

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