Find Your Life’s Purpose With This Simple Chart

Ikigai is a Japanese term made of two Japanese words, ‘Iki’ meaning life, and ‘kai’ (pronounced gai) meaning ‘worth’. Ikigai is ‘a reason for being’.

To find your reason for being, you simply fill in the circles, then the connections between the circles.

An example of an Ikigai:

Elle’s Ikigai

That which you are good at: Organisation, design, resilience, online marketing.
That which you love: Learning, painting, photograph, design, psychology, reasons and meanings.
That which the world needs: Kindness, economic stability.
That which you can be paid for: Freelance, work for a brand

Passion: Graphic design, psychology, photography, marketing.
Mission: Photography, blogging.
Vocation: Freelance, work for a brand, artist.
Profession: Freelance, work for a brand, artist.

In relation to the world needs, a great artist model I studied is Sarah Meyohas. She has combined both economics and art into one world. Her work can be viewed from an artist perspective but also from an economic perspective. She has inspired my year 13 photography.

Sarah Meyohas, “Speculations”

So, what is your Ikigai?


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