Elle, 2020
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How Professionals Take Blurred Backgrounds Photographs – No Editing!

Today’s photography lesson was all about aperture and light. While it was quite simple for me to capture a shallow depth of field (as seen above), I had some trouble finding the perfect scene to photograph for my deep depth of field image.

After many attempts, I found the right scene. Taking the photos was easy, as I was in Aperture mode and did not have to alter ISO or shutter speed – but my camera had something else in mind.

When I uploaded the images onto my computer, I noticed something strange… They were all noisy!

“Noise is a grainy veil in a photograph, obscuring details and making the picture appear significantly worse.” 

Elle, 2020

While I was slightly unhappy with the photographs, my teacher suggested it could be a creative touch. 

As one of my friends says, “It adds character.”

I decided to accept the photograph as it was and view it as a learning opportunity.

Following that lesson, I decided to take a photograph in a room with more lighting. I prefer my new deep depth of field image over the previous one.

Elle, 2020


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