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    The Dos and Don’ts of Marketing

    Modern artists use social media to present and promote their works. However, the social media world is massive and so diverse, each platform requires a different marketing strategy. For example, YouTube may require videos about the making of the art, or interviews, whereas Instagram or Flickr may only require images of completed artworks or promotions. I’ve decided to study coder and designer Tom Beddard’s marketing strategy in his 7 platforms: website, Twitter, Ello, Vimeo, Flickr and Bēhance. His username, subBlue, is consistent with each platform. This makes it easier for people to find him and is a good marketing strategy than having different usernames for each platform. Tom Beddard has…

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    This Artist Is Changing The Way We Think About The World

    Sarah Meyohas is a conceptual artist who has a degree in both economics and art. Using her art, she is breaking down the wall between these two worlds. Meyohas decided to create works that both financial and art people can look at from a familiar perspective, but also learn about the other side of the world. Her work represents artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, the stock market, virtual reality, and augmented reality through visually appealing artworks. Sarah Meyohas said, “Art is one of the hardest things to value economically because it has no utility and it is mainly visual. But this is also its strength, as it gives it a unique way…

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    How to Interview Someone During a Pandemic

    Due to COVID-19, we are required to work from home for the time being. There is one issue… We have to interview someone for our communications class. Because of this, we decided to interview via email. This is how it went. Interviewer: Elle RonenInterviewee: Rebecca Knox  What is your favourite art subject and why? My favourite subject at the moment is image. I have found still life painting a bit of a challenge but really enjoyed working and blending oils. From thin to thick applications, I have discovered that I really enjoy painting with a pallet knife! I had never used this tool before, and found it quite intriguing as I was working…

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    How to Take Unique Photographs People Won’t Stop Looking at

    Have you ever seen those unique images where something doesn’t make sense, or they’re beautiful, but you’re not sure what they are? Maybe you’ve seen pictures of skyscrapers but from a unique angle? These and so many other unique photography ideas are called abstract photography. Yesterday during photography class, we were taking abstract photographs. These can be patterns, textures, angles, cropping, form, and so many more. To start, I decided to take angled pictures of skyscrapers. We’ve all seen these images, and they’re always beautiful. Next, I wanted to do something more unique. I decided to take pictures of different and striking patterns. I found a design I liked, but…

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