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This Artist Is Changing The Way We Think About The World

Sarah Meyohas is a conceptual artist who has a degree in both economics and art. Using her art, she is breaking down the wall between these two worlds. Meyohas decided to create works that both financial and art people can look at from a familiar perspective, but also learn about the other side of the world. Her work represents artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, the stock market, virtual reality, and augmented reality through visually appealing artworks.

Speculations by Sarah Meyohas

Sarah Meyohas said, “Art is one of the hardest things to value economically because it has no utility and it is mainly visual. But this is also its strength, as it gives it a unique way of commenting on the world.” Meyohas plays with the way value is created in our society. The price tag of a product has little connection to the actual worth of the object, we as a society and the market decide that an object that is worth $10 is sold for $1,000 because of all the hype and prop up of the objects.

Speculations by Sarah Meyohas

Often, when we think about art, we never think it could connect to other parts of our world, like science or economy. But art should be able to represent more than just itself. It is a great tool to express ourselves visually. One artwork can have many different interpretations from completely separate viewpoints. I’m promoting Sarah Meyohas because she’s doing something different to most of the world. She is breaking down the boundaries and forcing people to realise the world as a whole, rather than separated into sections. I want everyone to learn that we are all connected and do not have to separate ourselves into industries; we can flow between them or be in more than one at a time. I hope that people can realise that their various passions can unite and excellently talk to the world. In my artwork, I aspire to connect my different passions and use them to create an artwork that can speak to more than just artistic people. I want to be able to inspire and influence people who have interests laying elsewhere. One of my biggest passions is psychology, and if NMIT had a course for psychology, that is what I would be studying. Since I am studying art instead, I want to be able to include psychological elements into my art in the future. I may decide to study psychology later on, and I want to include psychology in my artwork, as I am very inspired by Sarah Meyohas.

Purple and pink plasma ball By Hal Gatewood

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