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Your Life Will Change Once You Try This Type of Painting

The first few lessons of painting were about learning to use oil paints. As expected, oil is very different from acrylic. First off, oil paints take A LONG TIME to dry. It makes it hard to paint using layers as they keep blending. Oil paint is also quite sticky in comparison to acrylic. It is harder to spread across the canvas, but a small amount covers a lot.

We learned how to use thin paint, thick paint and a mix of both.

Thin paint was quite hard for me as I could not create the effect I wanted to. I was also unable to spread the paint as far as I wanted to.

Thin | Elle, 2020

While this is not completely thin paint, it’s thinner than the next one you’re about to see.

Thick & Thin | Elle, 2020

BOOM. So thick. I used a lot of paint to create this. It was a lot of fun as I could play with it. I did have trouble creating the colour and texture as the colours kept mixing.

Thick | Elle, 2020

This painting required a lot of oil paint. Obvious, isn’t it? I also used a painting knife instead of a normal brush. It was quite hard, but a lot of fun.

I would say the mix of both thick and thin paint was my favourite of all. I enjoyed it a lot and finished it successfully.


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