Kitchen Knife …

Realistic Drawing, Objects

Why are you drawing knifes, Emily?!

Do not worry, it was a task we had to do for class: ‘Draw something that you can find in your kitchen.’. Since I have never drawn a knife before, I thought it is finally time to try it and I am so happy with the outcome! It is always scary for me to try something new, I cannot describe why, maybe I am afraid of disappointment about my own work (which happens relatively often…). Although I know that learning involves tons of frustration before you finally succeed, I can be very impatient with myself.

At this point I want to quote my own ‘About me…’ page, which says a) “The journey is the destination” and b) it is not about creating a masterpiece or being perfect, it is the process and the will to try to make the impossible possible.

I have been drawing for years and nonetheless I already know now that I will never stop learning.

When you are being creative you create. Your brain enters a ‘mode’ that we tend to neglect nowadays, but it is so precious! Give it a go, here are some tips on how to start:

  • Take a 2B pencil and carefully create an outline. Don’t use too much pressure, you want it to be a fine line.
  • Take a look at where your object shows highlights/shadows
  • Go ahead and give your sketch some shadows by carefully making lines with the side of the tip of your pencil
  • Leave out highlights!
  • That is it, from now on it is all about shading, which I will talk more about in another post

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