Amber Daly…

…is 18 years old, was born in Christchurch and is now living in Wakefield, close to Nelson. Her mother’s passion for art has inspired her to become the artist she aspires to be. She is not sure, about where her path will take her yet, which she hopes to get more clarity about, while studying at NMIT. Amber likes to meditate and to go for a run, something she never thought she would be able to do again, due to a spinal surgery which she had to recover from. Completing her year 13 cross country course has therefore been her proudest accomplishment.

“I believe they would describe me to be quite introverted but that I have a bubbly, joyful energy once you get to know me. I’d like to think they would say I’m quite adventurous, free spirited and caring for others.”

Amber is a kind-hearted, positive person, always describing her glass as “completely full-half air, half water”. This mindset has helped her overcome many hurdles in life – such as going through the spinal surgery only a few years ago. She is a strong, ambitious soul who does not let the darker times in life defeat her, trying to make lemonade out of the lemons life has thrown at her.

                                      …This is Amber Daly,

                                      someone who got back on her feet,

                                      finding her passion in the process of

                                      creative creation, ready to discover

                                      what life has in store for her.


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