Diego Faszio, the “Master of Graphite”…

Diego Faszio is an Italian artist who was born in Lamezia Terme in 1989, and he calls himself DiegoKoi. His “speciality” are hyper/extreme realistic pencil drawings. He does not follow a main theme and he often takes his inspiration from everyday day life, films music and “everything that touches his soul”.

When I first saw one of his drawings I could not belive that I was not looking at a photograph. I felt a mixture of fascination, disbelief and admiration because I was blown away by the incredible amount of detail. Diego has the ability to sense a large variety of dark and bright shades/contrasts, which makes his drawings so powerful and unique. It is no surprise that his work gained recognition and attention world wide, leading to him presenting his art pieces in many exhibitions and receiving several awards.

Exhibitions are not the only way Diego communicates with his “fans”, he also makes use of websites like (a online community featuring art work) and Social Media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. In addition to that he has his own website, where you can purchase his drawings/prints. Being present in so many ways has a big advantage: You have access to many different generations, which automatically means a larger amount of people. He has 66,9k followers on Instagram and a similar amount of likes on his facebook page. Using Social Media enables him to get in contact with younger generations, like myself. On these platforms he provides the link to his website, which not only enables him to sell his work easy and fast but also reaches other generations, who might not use Social Media. Exhibitons are the classic and most traditional way of showing and advertising your work. Especially older people are used to visit museums and exhibitions on the weekend, which means he covers an other generation. His presence is very diverse, somehting that is very important for an artist nowadays.

Targeting many audiences is hard work and can be difficult. In my opinion Diego is doing everything right; he does not only rely on the power of Social Media but still acknowledges its “importance” when it comes to promoting art and gaining a large amount of attention from many different parts of the world. However, he also relies on the more traditional forms of presenting art, which is something many young artists forget about nowadays.

He keeps his Instagram page simple, and most of it is black and white, since he only uses graphite on paper. This radiates a really modern and interesting “vibe” and you can tell he is not trying too much; he simply presents his art His facebook page has the same kind of style and both of his Social Media sites also promote his workshops which you can book online on his website Diego’s website is designed simple but sleek and modern. It is easy to find one’s way and you do not get overwhelmed with information or big amounts of text. His workshops are a clever idea to bring people closer to his work and to make introduce them into the fine art of drawing. They will leave the workshop even more fascinated and they might share pictures of their experience on Social Media and tell their friends.

Diego Fazio/DiegoKoi is an incredibly talented artist who tries to communicate with his “fans” as much as possible. This makes him even more likeable and is, next to his art work, the reason why he is becoming more and more successful.


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