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BreatheCreateRepeat, Summer Workshop

Hi everyone! May I introduce to you the workshop you all have unknowingly been waiting for? Breathe Create and Repeat. Created in order to give you an escape, and to regain energy at the end of the day.

Breathe – relax, be present in the moment, let go.

Create – grab a piece of paper and a pencil and set your focus on only one thing: your hand. Shut everything else out.

Repeat – Do it as often as possible. It is like a form of meditation: the more often you train your mind to be calm, the easier it gets to enter this state…

Drawing is probably the simplest and most spontaneous form of artistic creation there is. It is easy to set up and you can do it pretty much everywhere; all it needs is a piece of paper (…or whatever you prefer) and a pencil.

It seems like many people tend to forget about this way of creating art. However, its popularity is increasing again on websites, such as Instagram and Pinterest. Nowadays it is very easy to get lost in the variety of distractions we are surrounded by every day, and to lose one of the most precious elixirs for body and mind: Boredom. Being bored can lead to a great boost of creativity, but not only boredom can have this kind of effect:

During times like these, under exceptional circumstances, many people find it hard to maintain their peace of mind and it is easy to feel lost / trapped / drained. However, hard / unpleasant phases can boost creativity as well. Drawing can have something therapeutic to it, since you allow your head to focus on only one thing – something that has become rare nowadays, due to technical devices and the mindset “more is more” when it comes to pretty much everything (money, work, success, beauty, luxury,…).

In a way we all have become Multitaskers: Cooking dinner while replying to an email on your phone, cleaning the living room while face timing your best friend, socializing while scrolling through Social Media and looking on the screen while trying to shut off our brains in order to fall asleep (…a total contradiction, by the way.(1)) Therefore drawing, and of course every other form of creativity, can function as a “break” for your brain. Art therapy can access deeper emotions and traumata and gives the patient the opportunity to capture on paper what he cannot put into words yet.(2)

Therefore, I would like to not only help people to improve their drawing skills, but also combine it with therapeutic drawing…in order to achieve the ultimate result 😉

Thinking about how I could bring people together, the first thing that came into my mind was: ‘Start a workshop, Emily‘. My goals are:

  • to bring people out into nature (…because in my opinion that is one of the best places to recharge and to ease your mind)
  • to be disconnected together and to challenge our brain / our eyes (40% teaching time in order to introduce you to some tips and tricks, 60% self-directed drawing – I will be talking about mindfulness and do things such as breathing exercises before, during, and after drawing)
  • to provide healthy snacks (because who does not love a snack, and fuelling your body with nutritious goods does not only benefit your physical but also your mental health)
  • to provide a safe-space to recharge.

Do you have the feeling your mind never stops thinking? Do you struggle to only focus on one thing at a time? Do you feel like you need some time off? Are you fascinated by artistic creation? Do you like spending time in nature to recharge?

 This summer workshop is supposed to give you some time to focus on yourself, to recharge after a stressful day / week, to introduce you / remind you of the beauty of drawing, to be mindful, to get a better understanding for yourself and to teach you new skills while taking a closer look at the work of other inspiring artists.

All I need you to bring along is YOURSELF … including all the baggage that you are carrying around on your shoulders, so you can drop it off during this workshop and return home a little lighter 😉

I provide: All the utensils that are required (feel free to bring your own stuff), (Healthy-) Snacks provided by The Kitchen Nelson, Tips and Tricks and a fun way of “teaching”.

Whereabouts? Miyazu Gardens, Nelson Dates available: 7th of January – 18th of March When? Every week on Thursday, 6.30pm, 1:30h Costs: 20$ / session

Email: Emily-Schneider@live.nmit.ac.nz Instagram / Facebook: @BreatheCreateRepeatNelson

You do not have to complete the entire workshop. Every session is booked separately. Feel free to join for one day, two weeks, two months – whatever suits you <3.

I will hopefully see you soon!

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